according to dictionary.com the definition of a roommate is a person who is assigned to share or shares a room or apartment with another or others. now to some this may seem to be, a not so flattering title. but as for the residents in our little bungalow, the title of roommate is a very highly recognized position. you see, the four of us pictured above (two of us now being brunettes)have grown to become quite the best of friends. as a roommate you see the best, the worst, the good, the bad and the ugly. one of the four of us has the left the little bungalow and is embarking on a new and exciting journey. as the three remaining stooges sat in the car after the final goodbyes, the reality of the situation had finally suck in. so of course more than a few tears were shed. the bittersweet tears of excitement for the four of us and the different things we will be doing these upcoming months, but also for the piece of the puzzle that is now missing. K-----i as well as the rest of the bungalow are extremely proud - excited - happy for you and the decision you have made. thank you for the influence you have had on me and the future decisions i have made. you will be a fabulous and beautiful missionary. good luck my dear - keep us all posted and i will only be six months behind ya. much love to you goose. -maverick D-----thanks for all the laughs - slightly degrading and crude comments to make me feel somewhat funny - the best homemade pizza ever made (even if you "accidently" spilled the seasoning to make my tongue burn) - your love of men - you know exactly what i am talking about. :) and for making my wardrobe look so fabulous. im positive those clothes are so happy to be worn again. blondie #1 thank you for being you. love - the fake brunnette. S-----to the other S in the family. you my dearest are going to thrive in alaska. i can feel it. the influence you are going to have on the people and the amazing things you are going to experience are truely going to change your life forever. thank you so much for all the serious gospel and life talks we shared. you will never know the positive impact and lasting impression they have given me. thank you for showing me the true beauty of hockey. the sport is absolutely amazing. ;) be strong rae----remember there are good things to come. love jo ----to the women of the bungalow-----the last year has been one to remember------

the thrill of the little red flag

so there is this little site called f-book.....this little "book" has almost completely taken over my life....sadly to admit. The blasted thrill of that little red flag in the upper left hand corner just keeps me going back. Its ridiculous. Why can't I just get rid of it??? Well, I tried once.....but I don't want to be out of the loop and the gossip. Good gravy....they are just little red flags for peet sakes!


pretty please can I have one?

I really want one of these. and a pair of these.... so.....I may have a slight problem or quite possibly an obsession with cupcakes. Not so much with eating them.....(well most days) but with making them! Talk about a stress reliever! And who honestly doesn't love a good cupcake every now and then?? If I could drop out of school right now and open up a bakery....man o man....I would. But and education is what I am almost done with. So for now....I will study social work and relieve my stress with cupcakes! Cupcake anyone??? p.s. Who wouldn't want to wear a cute pair of shoes to bake them in? p.p.s. Could I possibly have a bottle of this if it isn't to much trouble?

Inequalities= FAIL

Well........it is official. I have failed math 1010. So pointless inqualities and quadratic equations you won. Thats right you WON! I sure hope you are pleased! Gag.


Death in $125 form

Here's to $17,000 for a year round headache......... Math 1010..you have are truly going to be the death of me. Hope your happy.



Today is the beloved day of Thanksgiving. Today is the day that it is completely ok and well allowed to stuff our faces...and possibly have more than one slice of pie. Now whatever kind of pie you choose...well thats up to you and to each our own. But the older I get and the more wrinkles I receive around my eyes...the more I start to notice the simple things in life. So as of today and this Thanksgiving for the year 2010 I am grateful for the simple things. Beautiful Cars. Logan family time. Hilarious candid moments. The wonderful opportunity to have the chance to relieve some stress and bake some cupcakes. Sparklers – a childhood fav! Sister time. The most adorable Nick to ever be conceived. The family dressed in green. The Blondie holding the massive glass of hot chocolate. Pearl earrings. Kenzie Hall (we are long lost twins….to a few people at least), her mother and CHOCOLATE CAKE. Raeface and her intense love for the sport of hockey. The purple tube of Maybeline mascara – the kind that makes my eyelashes freaking amazing! Scruff on a beautiful man….is like the next best thing to sliced bread. Logan Sunsets. White Christmases. Water. Sweats and Socks. Laughter. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The best thing of all...parents that have my back no matter what.